The secrets of success

Secrets to reach 10,000 steps

  • Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot
  • Use steps instead of escalator or elevator
  • Take a walk during your break for dinner – you can even organize a walking club during dinner at your work or at your school
  • Walk on the spot while you are on the phone
  • Do not use the remote
  • Set a schedule for your daily walk, make it a routine and keep following your plan
  • Set a destination when you go out for a walk – so you can maintain your motivation and walk even further
  • Do not use the weather to stay out – go walking in a mall
  • Pick up a grocery cart and go shopping.
  • Walk with a companion or a companion = motivation and pleasure!
  • Wear proper walking shoes to avoid injury
  • Listen to your favorite music or book on tape while you walk
  • Suggest to your friends to take a walk instead of going for a coffee
  • Take a family walk and play games like “I’m a spy”, games where you have to count, guess or watch things

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