How to proceed

Before you begin, complete our Questionnaire to find out how ready you are to do a physical activity. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, if you are pregnant or over the age of 70, should consult your doctor before increasing your level of physical activity.

Pick up a pair of comfortable walking shoes, attach the pedometer to your belt and go for it.

The 1 st week – Wear your pedometer for a week in changing nothing in your normal routine. Write in a notebook the number of steps you take each day. You will see at the end of the week how many steps you take daily.

The 2 e and 3 e week – During the next two weeks, aim to walk many steps as high as you did in one day during the previous week. For example, if you did 800 to 2000 steps in a day during the first week, try walking at least 2,000 steps each day during the second and third week.

The 4 th and 5 th week – you’re ready to increase your daily steps. Start by adding 500 steps a day, followed by another 500 steps in the 5th week. You should now do about 3,000 steps daily.

The 6 th week and beyond – Continue to increase your daily steps each week as soon as possible while remaining physically at ease, until you reach the ultimate goal of 10,000 steps.

Progressing gradually to reach a goal of 10,000 steps per day will help you avoid injury. Your biggest challenge when you achieve this goal will be to maintain it. Aim to keep this goal for at least six months and you will come to make it part of your new lifestyle.

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