Do’s and don’ts

To do :

Wear your pedometer every day
Calibrate your pedometer for the length of your stride to get a more accurate reading
Buy an easy-to-use pedometer that you can wear in comfort
Buy a pedometer with a case so you do not have to adjust the setting while you’re on the road
Make sure to change the battery as soon as the digital display begins to weaken
Keep the pedometer upright for the most accurate reading possible
Put a cord in the pedometer strap and wrap it around your waistband to make sure you do not fall out, which could damage it.
Not to do

Avoid wetting your pedometer – do not swim while wearing it!
Escape or crush your pedometer – you could pop the crystal inside
Shake the pedometer because it will automatically add steps to the total count
Put the pedometer in your pocket. If it is not upright it will not count exactly the number of steps taken

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